CLIENT 辰投集团标志设计
PROJECT 湖南 · 辰投集团

辰投集团以(基础建设、金融、茶叶)三大板块为综合体的企业,以茶促旅,以旅兴茶的观念而 打造的企业。位于湖南·沅陵,以碣滩茶园、清幽山水、古韵的村庄、乡村田园等生态环境为园区特色致力打造茶产业发展、茶文化体验、养生度假、主题休闲、户外运动等于一体的田园综合体。





Chen investment group (infrastructure, financial, tea) for complex enterprise three plates, with tea, and is being built with the concept of brigade xing tea enterprises. Tea garden is located in hunan, YuanLing to Jie beach, beautiful scenery, ancient village, village rural ecological environment for the characteristic to make tea industry, tea culture experience, health resort, theme leisure, outdoor sports is equal to the integration of rural complex.

Creative idea:

From three aspects as construction, tea, financial to extract elements, including color, shape, symbols, etc.; Dig combination and fusion.So we use the concept of comparative way to identify the modelling (round), round from the "columns" "money", "tea" and other image, find out their common, according to the characteristics of the enterprise property integration; Let the whole logo more simple, clever harmony, gathered the meaning of the harmonious development of energy, synchronous.

Logo in three tonal give priority to tone, among them: building for blue, represents the meaning of science and technology, composed, hard; Tea for the green system, represents the natural, healthy, mature and elegant and refined with precipitation and moral; Financial for gold, a symbol of wealth and honour; Three colors used, each of its levels more rich, to identify the image to add gorgeous rich, clever, gentle, elegant and delicate deeper highlight corporate culture, has the infinite creativity and potential.